Cyclic loading thesis

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The Henry Samueli School of Engineering

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The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Case School of Engineering offers programs leading to bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.

ABSTRACT. Weight reduction and improved damage tolerance characteristics were the prime drivers to develop new family of materials for the aerospace/aeronautical industry. Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world.

Its products are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or the GNU General Public. Pretensioned extended, bolted end-plate moment connections are very popular due to ease of fabrication and erection.

In order to identify the effect of different parameters on the behavior of the connection, a three-dimensional finite element model that accounts for both geometrical and material non-linearities is developed using the multi-purpose.

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering Cyclic loading thesis
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