Emory economics honors thesis

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Recent Honor Students in Emory Sociology

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Honors Program

Sort by: author | title Honors Thesis Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Banerjee, Shomu Committee Members: Francis. The Honors Program is an Emory College program intended to give a highly qualified group of students more extensive experience in conducting behavioral research.

Honors Program Degree Description. During the spring semester of junior year, majors with a GPA are considered for the Honors Program. ECONOMICS FALL HONORS SEMINAR Tuesday p Rich Building Professor Andrew Francis-Tan Office: Rich Building Office hours: Thursday a Email: [email protected] Course Description The Economics Honors Program consists of two parts.

In the fall semester, students take ECON B. Philosophy Majors with an overall GPA of or higher at the end of their junior year are invited to pursue Honors in Philosophy.

Students who do not have an overall GPA of or higher can petition the Honors Program to waive this requirement; waivers are, however, granted very infrequently.

May 04,  · To graduate with honors from the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, students must complete an honors thesis, a comprehensive project that involves months of original research and analysis on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a faculty adviser. The result is a final paper and an oral defense of their thesis to a faculty committee.

Emory economics honors thesis
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