Mcmaster biology undergraduate thesis

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Certified Members Looking for an OACCPP member? The following is a list of some of our Certified Members. This list is an opt-in service. The certification process verifies a recognized knowledge, skill and aptitude in mental health services, emphasizing expertise in a specialty area of demonstrable competency.

Dr. Ben Britton, Imperial College London, UK. Dr Ben Britton is a senior lecturer in Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College and a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Follow. This page will provide bios and disclosures for all authors.

Authors are listed in alphabetical order according to last name. © McMaster University | Main Street West | Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L8 | | Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Sarah is currently a first year MSc student. After graduating from McMaster’s Arts & Science Program in AprilSarah decided to continue conducting research in the Xu lab after having worked in the lab as part of her fourth year undergraduate thesis project.

McMaster University (commonly referred to as McMaster or Mac) is a public research university in Hamilton, Ontario, main campus is on hectares ( acres) of land near the residential neighbourhoods of Ainslie Wood and Westdale, adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

It operates six academic faculties: the DeGroote School of .

Mcmaster biology undergraduate thesis
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